Easy like Sunday morning

When you live in a legit paradise, you have to get out and explore! I’m all about experiences and since the Air Force has us here in beautiful Hawaii for 3 years, we are taking full advantage. I just don’t understand those that don’t get out and enjoy the beauty that’s awaiting. We decided to check out the windward side of the island sunday morning and go to one of the farmers markets suggested by @wickedhihoney …what a great little market!

There were several food vendors along with different local farms selling everything from micro greens, honey and even  dragon fruit. There were also vendors with reef safe sun block, homemade baby food, pastries and more! Of course we started off with a honey slush and Aaron ordered a breakfast wrap from Aloha Salsa and i got the avocado crab salad from chef arnaud (and it did not disappoint). There was a guy playing the guitar and singing and i just loved the entire vibe that this cute little farmers market gave off. It’s located at the Kailua elementary school and is open every Sunday from 8:30-12. We shopped around and got some goodies to take home.

On our way home the Hubby surprised us and drove us up to the Nu’uanu Pali lookout. It’s crazy how Windy and cold it is up on the mountain. There’s just something magical about this side of the island. I’d say we had a pretty good start to our Sunday with minimal whining.

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