While daddy’s away the Shields’ clan will play

We’ve had quite the eventful week with Aaron being gone TDY to SLC, Utah…I tried to have our days planned so the kids didn’t get too crazy. What was i thinking?! They’re crazy with or without structure lol! Tuesday my new bestie Pam and I took full advantage of my nanny and had some kid free lunch in town at the Laylow Hotel restaurant, the Hideout and then went on a Whole Foods haul. I know what you’re thinking…you dare devil you!! 😆 But seriously, when you have a few hours without kids you just want a mimosa, girl talk, and who doesn’t love perusing the isles of Whole Foods?!

Wednesday, i braved school supply shopping with both kids in tow and got almost everything we needed. I made it into a scavenger hunt for MC, so she really enjoyed it! I also purchased the kids outfits for our upcoming family photo shoot with the oh so talented Emily Choy Photography from Ashley Rose Clothing. You can check out her website here . Her rompers and dresses are to die for! We finished the afternoon off by heading to the farmers market at the nearby Ka Makana Ali’i mall. We stopped by wicked hi honey and tried their orange honey slushes and slap yo mama, they were so ono! Just local honey and fruit in slushy form…be still my heart! ❤️
Thursday, we started the day off with free keiki yoga and story time at ka Makana ali’i (I’m pretty sure this is gonna be our new hangout) …it’s held every Thursday morning from 10-11! Check out their website and a list of events here. We did a little shopping, then headed home to clean up a bit. We ended the night by making homemade pizzas and having a pandora dance party.
We’d been counting down the days til Friday…The day daddy came home from SLC. MC had her first private swimming lesson on base and it went great, followed by a mommy/daughter lunch date and a little more shopping (I’m trying to find the perfect dress for our family pics). Of course i ended up buying that awesome hat pictured above before heading home to relieve the nanny and snuggle up on baby Maxwell! MC couldn’t wait to get home to pack her overnight bag for her sleepover with Lila… but what about picking daddy up from the airport?! “You can handle it Mom”, she told me. 🤣 So off i went to the airport with Maxwell to pick up the Hubby… funny story, he had called an Uber, because apparently we had already discussed that i wouldn’t pick him up since it would be too much of a hassle with the kids. Needless to say, i called him in the Knick of time and he canceled the uber. We are so happy to have our rock back at home. I think we all learned this week that I’m a hot mess without him here.  Can’t wait to see what we can get into and explore this weekend… but for now, it’s takeout poke bowls from The Poke Stop and the binge watching The Walking Dead on Netflix! Happy Friday y’all!! 🙌🏼

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